A downloadable game for Windows

Versión 0.01alfa-testing  (version just for testing purpose)

Survival dimension is a Survival Multiplayer Game inspired in Quimbayas culture, has real art of Quimbayas, and some beliefs of this culture that forms the story of the entire world. 

Today we are working hard to make the fist alfa release demo 

All testing and first Alfa versions will be free until the oficial launch or early access.

Since december of 2016 we start Survival Dimension, we are two person working on it, we hope work every day to finish our game for you:

Feature Updates: Go To Features

Multiplayer disabled in Version 0.01a-t

We will share here the updates weakly:

Survival Dimension Have: 

Construction System:

SinglePlayer mode Explorer and story:

Multiplayer mode in both maps:

Survival: Story

Desert: DeathMatch

Survival Dimension Desert

Magic abilities:

Survival Dimension Magic Attacks


Survive v0.01a-t.rar 413 MB


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pero sigue trabajando en tu proyecto no te pares :v